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Team 44 Apparel is a game changer. Created by female fans for female fans, because 44% of sports fans are female. It's an answer to the inevitable question of what to wear. We’re done settling for another shapeless tee shirt or hoodie to cheer on our team. It's apparel you can dress up, dress down, show off your wild side or just be the girl next door in. Wear it your way and feel like yourself, because being a fan shouldn't place limits on your personal style.

For us, it has been far more about the journey than the destination. We worked in the corporate world of fashion and finance. We thrived on creating spreadsheets, spewing corporate jargon, avoiding office politics and swimming in a sea of driven people striving to get ahead. Then, it all came to a screeching halt when the corporation announced it would liquidate and close the doors forever. Not ideal, but suddenly there was a freedom we never knew we needed. The freedom to start anew and bring to fruition the ideas we had often talked about, but had never had the courage to leave the comforts of corporate life to pursue.

Even though we've seen a lot, we certainly haven't seen it all and with our can-do spirit and whole lot of determination we're ready to take on the world and all it has offer. Simply put, we love what we do and hope you do, too! So, keep checking in with us as we plan to continue evolving the brand and bringing more great pieces to our fellow female fans. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been with us since the beginning and to those of you just joining us on our journey. Feel free to contact us anytime you have something to say or just want to chat. We always have time for friends!

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